It's Time: What To Do To Prepare For The Apocalypse -- Whatever Form That Might Take

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No one really knows what the apocalypse will really be like. There are some guides, of course, but the day-to-day details are a mystery to everyone. Whether you're a believer in the End Times or are just really concerned about the lax talk around nuclear weapons these days, you can assume that there's a good chance the apocalypse will be drawn out in some respects. It could be that there's a period of time between finding out it's happening and the actual end, or another range of time. This means that you need to prepare to ride out those days.

Food and Water

The more food and water you can store, the better. Prepping for survival during disasters has become such big business that, even if you think the apocalypse won't last very long and you're looking forward to it, you can still find plenty of long-shelf-life foods to keep you going as you wait. Don't restrict yourself to beans and oatmeal. Look at freeze-dried foods like vegetables and meats and freeze-dried ice cream (sometimes called astronaut ice cream, even though it's too crumbly to take into a weightless environment). Dehydrated mashed potatoes are very popular. Camping stores and online sellers often have a wealth of dehydrated foods. Calculate how much water you'll need not only for drinking, but for cooking, bathing, washing, and possibly growing plants, if you're looking at a secular-societal-breakdown type of apocalypse, which can last a while.

Passing the Time, Especially With Kids

Your first impulse is going to be to pray, but if the actual process of the apocalypse takes a while -- it could be instantaneous, or you could have a lot of warning while society breaks down around you -- you have to figure out how to keep yourself and your family occupied. If it takes long enough, your kids could very well become bored, eventually asking "Are we there yet" with regards to salvation. Add puzzles and games to your list of things to store; get copies of favorite books and place them with your supplies as well. Prepare the kids mentally, too. Let them know it could be a while, and they have to resist the temptation to get bored.

Processing Your Life

You're going to have to come to terms with everything you've done and haven't done in your life, and that's not just a philosophical statement about sin and good deeds. You'll no doubt start thinking of all those things you didn't get a chance to do, such as learn instruments or travel. What you have to remember is that everything you did in your life was the right thing for you to do at that moment. You may have hindsight now, but then you did not, and what you chose to do or not do then was appropriate for that time.

As a bonus, if you start thinking now, you can make up a pretty good bucket list to try to do while the world's still here.

Preparing for the apocalypse, whatever form you're expecting it to be in, is essential, and you should start now if you haven't. Sit down and start making a list, expanding it as necessary, of what you might need, and start obtaining those items methodically. For information on events during the apocalypse, check out websites like End Time News.