3 Tips for Planning a Spiritual Healing Service That's Different, Comforting & Personal

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Spiritual healing services can be very fulfilling for people who are hurting, but planning them is different from planning a traditional worship service. If your place of worship is planning on holding a spiritual healing service, here are some tips to help it go well.

Hold the Service at a Different Time

Spiritual healing services may still be worship services, but they're a special type of service. That's why they aren't simply called worship services. Because a spiritual healing service is a specialized service, it should be held at a different time than your group's regular worship services.

Holding a spiritual healing service at a non-standard time will serve two purposes.

First, it will help make clear that something is different about the service. The service isn't a typical service, and it's not held at a typical time.

Second, it will give those who want to attend a spiritual healing service an opportunity to, and anyone who isn't interested in this type of service won't have to. Anyone who doesn't want to come won't have to, as they can still go to the regular service that your group holds. Anyone who does want to attend has an opportunity to.

Create a Relaxed, Comforting Setting

People who attend a spiritual healing service are frequently hurting in some way. They're seeking healing, after all. In some cases, their suffering and pain may be severe and last a long time.

Be considerate of attendee's pain when you're planning the service. Make the service as relaxed and comforting as possible, so people can find solace in what's done during the service. You can make a service relaxed and comforting by selecting calming music, having a message full of empathy and dimming the lights slightly.

Leave Room for People to Speak Personally

The pain that people suffer from is personal. As a result, spiritual healing services are also deeply personal. These services aren't about some far off concern that's on the other side of the world. They're about pain that people in the room are experiencing.

In order to make a spiritual healing service personal, leave room for people to speak during the service. Depending on what's normal and accepted in your religious tradition, people can offer up personal prayers silently or aloud, tell others who are present about their pain, or seek personal healing from a clergy member or spiritual leader who's at the service.

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